Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank You

I think I will probably spend most of the next year overusing those two words. Even already, they seem completely useless in response to the ocean of support that has surrounded all of us at True Prospect. It takes my breath away.

Two night ago, The Whip (a local restaurant and tavern where I, admittedly, spend a good amount of time) generously organized a benefit for Caitlin, Ryan, and me. Although I was so grateful for it, I was a little nervous to go. There has been so much sadness and crying these past few days, I wasn’t sure that I could handle any more of it.

I should have known that no night at The Whip would be a pity-fest! Instead, it was a relief to be surrounded by so many people who cared so openly for all of us. While commiserating, you all managed to be so joyful and supportive that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself. Beyond the incredibly generous financial support you gave, it was just the comfort of being with you that made everything a little bit easier that night.

As expected in the horse world, we are back to work again. We are spending our time setting up the new barn, cleaning whatever tack is salvageable, and riding. It is actually relaxing to have something to do, to be back in some sort of routine, and working again.  Watching Boyd’s determination to move forward, while still mourning all of our losses, inspires me to follow his lead. I am lucky to have him and the rest of the “Martin Team”.

All right, it seems that I am back to those two little words again: Thank You. I promise I will eventually say it individually to each of you, but until then please know how much everything has meant to me, and thank you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Sad Day at True Prospect Farm

If you have made your way over to this page, you have probably already heard about the disaster that we lived through 24 hours ago. Since I have received so many calls, texts, and messages of support, it seems futile to try and respond to them individually. So, in response to you all: we are okay; we are sad and a bit lost but okay and thankful for all of your care and attention.

Last night Caitlin, Ryan and I woke up to a fire in the barn below the apartment we were sleeping in. We were lucky to move quickly enough to save 5 of the horses stabled in the barn. Unfortunately, the fire moved too fast and we couldn’t save the remaining 6. My heart breaks for all six, but especially for my own special mare, Ariel. She and I were planning to take Bromont by storm in a few weeks as we competed in her first one star.

As luck would have it (and only in this situation would it be considered lucky), we moved Whitey to a barn in Virginia to recuperate from an injury only a week ago so he was not in the stable last night. He is happy and well cared for at Tuppenny Farm with Lizzie Olmstead for the time being.

 As so many of you have expressed interest in helping, there have been multiple funds created for donations. In particular, Boyd, Caitlin and I all have funds set up with the American Horse Trials Foundation: 221 Grove Cove Road Centreville, MD 21617. Check out for more information about donating.  

Again, thank you for all of your kind thoughts and messages. As we sort out the mess (literally and figuratively), we will begin to get a better idea of how we are going to move forward. Stay tuned and I will do my best to keep you updated.